Colour:  Lollipop Transparent Matte

Size: 30 grams


Transparent Copper is a transparent dark orange-copper. This color is a polyester top coat powder coat and has a high gloss finish.


Top Coat Information: Top coats are transparent. The color and brightness of the substrate (surface) under a top coat will affect the finished appearance. To achieve results as seen on the S panel image, the top coat must be applied over a bright silver substrate. Super Chrome II PSS-10300 or other silver can be used as a base coat to simulate the appearance of a bright silver substrate when one is not present. As always, shoot a test piece first to determine if your desired results will be achieved.


High Gloss: 85+ Gloss Units


**Not to be used in facial cosmetic applications**

Transparent Copper Polyester Top Coat Powder Coat