Brand: Just Pigments Australia

Size: 100g


Tin oxide is used in a number of applications:

Used in glazes in pottery where it acts as an opacifier where it is typically added in the range of 5-10%. When used correctly it will produce an opaque, glossy glaze. If used in excess a dull/matt glaze can result. Potters have used tin oxide as an opacifier for hundreds of years.


Tin Oxide is also used when dealing with so-called effect pigments, tricky composite pigments that can do color travel (change color depending on the viewing angle) or give multiple color effect. 


It's often found alongside Mica (as a base material) and Titanium Dioxide (as a coating) to give a glossy, pearlescent effect.  According to research this combination can balance out undesirable tones in the skin, making it a popular choice for brightening products and highlighters.

Tin Oxide 100grams