Colour:  Synthetic Supersparkle White


Size: 30g Jar

Code: JPA710830


This pearlescent pigment is made of synthetic mica coated with a metallic oxide layer. It has higher purity, less black spot, better weather-proof, better luster, chroma and more stable when exposed to high temperature. It is often used in plastics and coatings. It could be added to any product where you would want a very white low satin sheet. Poor coverage with high transparency.


Pure White Pigment Super Sparkly large micron.


Contains synthetic mica which is the whitest and purest background.


Micron Size 50-350

INCI: Synthetic Flourphogopite (CAS# 12001-26-2) 
Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891) (CAS# 13463-67-7) ,Tin Oxide (CI 77861) (CAS# 18282-10-5)



Synthetic Super Sparkle White Mica/Pearl Powder