Colour:  Synthetic Supersparkle White



10 gram powder packed in a Bag (JPA710810)

30 gram powder packed in a Jar (JPA710830)


This pearlescent pigment is made of synthetic mica coated with a metallic oxide layer. It has higher purity, less black spot, better weather-proof, better luster, chroma and more stable when exposed to high temperature. It is often used in plastics and coatings. It could be added to any product where you would want a very white low satin sheet. Poor coverage with high transparency.


Pure White Pigment Super Sparkly large micron.


Contains synthetic mica which is the whitest and purest background.


Approved for cosmetic use without restriction.


Micron Size 50-350

INCI: Synthetic Flourphogopite (CAS# 12001-26-2) 
Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891) (CAS# 13463-67-7) ,Tin Oxide (CI 77861) (CAS# 18282-10-5)




Reviewed as an eyeshadow

Yasmin on Aug 11, 2020

I agree with the other reviews, the "synthetic super sparkle white" is an INTENSE super glittery white-glitter eyeshadow! I absolutely love glittery eyeshadows. It can't get any more glittery than this one---it has a transparent base color and is intense white glitter (it's so sparkly that it almost looks like metallic silver glitter on the eyelid, but it's definitely white-glitter). The only reason that I removed a star is because it gets everywhere on your face! Also, you have to use a light-hand and just tap a little on your eyelids, than blend with a eyeshadow brush; if you put too much on, it will look chunky and not attractive. Also, it gets everywhere on your face! If you're careful when using it, it's fun and extra glittery. The good thing is it's soft glitter, easy on the eye, not the rough kind.

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Sheldon Tingey on Jul 10, 2020

Bought this for making soft plastic lures. The most intense, sparkly white body you could ever get. Fantastic product and I will be buying more for sure.

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Really Stunning


Dedrianne's on Jun 11, 2020

Bought this for multiple uses, eyes, lips and so on and it is wonderful. A little bit reflects while a lot is glorious. Very light to the skin. Will be ordering more.

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Great glitter alternative


Annie Leitzinger on Mar 03, 2020

I use this shade for lip glosses/liquid lipsticks. I love using these in lieu of plastic glitters. You get a great glittery effect with this color. It's a perfect, white sparkle.

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Synthetic Super Sparkle White Mica/Pearl Powder