Colour: Ocre Icles-Sof (Ocer Icles-Sof)

Details: Dry Ground Pigment

Technical characteristics :
Chemical name : natural iron oxide predominantly
Color Index : Y43 - Y74
Apparent density : 630 g/l
UV resistance : good
Coloring power : very good


Use : lime, wax, paint, plaster, fresco, glaze, cement, fine arts.
This pigment is in powder. For use in artistic paint, it should be finely ground in a mortar before mixing it with the binder.

Linseed oil : dilute the powder in some turpentine oil before adding it to linseed oil.
Paint with water/lime paste : dilute the pigment in some water to make it liquid before incorporating it into the paint.
Lime powder/cement/plaster : directly incorporate the pigment (up to 10% based on the weight of the binder), then mix in order to stain all of your binder.

These renderings can be similar for any white base mixed with this pigment. However, differences will be possible for the use of paints more or less loaded with titanium dioxide (white pigment), which will give a final color more or less light. 
If you want to lighten a pigment, before coloring a transparent binder (linseed oil, wax, acryling binder, caparol, flour, etc), you can mix it with blanc Tiona 595 (white Tiona).

Color : bright yellow, a litle bit orange with a transparent binder. Very pale yellow, slightly orange with a white binder.

This pigment is 99% natural.

Made in France.
History : Pigmentary preparation made by Ocres de France in 2004.

Ocre Icles-sof Dry Ground Pigment Powder