Colour:  Bleu Kossoghol (Kossoghol Blue)

Details: Dry Ground Pigment

Technical characteristics : 
Chemical name : mixture of synthetic organic pigments

Color index : B15
Apparent density : 995 g/l
UV resistance : average (generally, blue pigment have poor outdoor performance)
Coloring power : good


Use : lime, wax, paint, plaster, fresco, glaze, cement, fine arts.
This pigment is in powder. For use in artistic paint, it should be finely ground in a mortar before mixing it with the binder.

Linseed oil : dilute the powder in some turpentine oil before adding it to linseed oil.
Paint with water/lime paste : dilute the pigment in some water to make it liquid before incorporating it into the paint.
Lime powder/cement/plaster : directly incorporate the pigment (up to 10% based on the weight of the binder), then mix in order to stain all of your binder.

Color : sky blue slightly pulling torward grey mixed with a white binder.

This pigment is 94% natural. 

Made in France. 
History : We often represent the Orient with warm and spicy colours, red and yellow saffron for example... But the Orient is also Russia and Mongolia with their huge lakes and their deep blue waters. Besides, isn't it the nickname of the Mongolian name "dark blue pearl" ? 
The magnificient "blue kossoghol" is indeed an oriental blue, luxurious, rich and sensual, very close to the blue adopted by the famous Orient-Express.  
Pigment made by Ocres de France.


Bleu Kossoghol Dry Ground Pigment Powder