Suppliers of Dry Ground Pigment Powders, including Mica, Matte, Chameleon & Colourshift.  Metallic & Metal Powders, Powder Coating, Cosmetic Powders, Powders for Resin Art, Fine Art and Flow Art.  Powders for Colouring Candles, Clay and Soaps.

Let your creations come to life with JPA products
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Shop All JPA Powders
Crystal Pearl Series
Mica & Synthetic Powders
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Ocres de France Matte
Dry Ground Pigment Powder
Metal Powders
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Chameleon & Colour-Shift
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Clay Powders
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Diamond Pearl Series
Gold-Bronze Series
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Gold & Silver Powders
Black & White Powders
Metallic Powders
Ghost/Reflection Powders
Pre-Blended Base Powders
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Powder Coating Powder
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Mix & Measure
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