ABOUT Just Pigments Australia

Having worked in the Fibreglass industry for many years, I started experimenting with polyester resins, and starting out making small craft items with silicone moulds.  From there I basically made anything I could using colours and resin.  I like to work outside the box, and experiment with different colour combinations and see where the colours take me rather than where I want them to go.  There is a lot of trial and error, with a lot of error!


The business Just Pigments Australia took it's natural course and basically was created from all the products and contacts I had obtained over the years.   There are some absolutely wonderful creators out there, so  I decided it was time to start selling and sharing my products with other people, so they too can create wonderful things using these magnificant colours.

I've tried to vary both the mix of colours, providing glitters and micas form the craft and resin flow creator through to our Ocres de France range which is natural and synthetic pigments obtained from France, Italy and England to name a few.  These vibrant colours are used by for fine art, where you wish to create your own custom colours.

I love feedback, so drop a line and let me know what you think of our website.  If there is anything you feel we could add or change to make our website a one stop shop, please let us know.