About Just Pigments Australia

JPA are suppliers of a wide range of pigment powders, including mica, matte, synthetic, and metal powders.

Our suppliers are source throughout the world, including France where we obtain our superior colour range of dry ground pigment powders from Société des Ocres de France.

The Société des Ocres de France, created in 1901, is the last company that exploits and transforms ocher ore into pure ocher, in its factory in Apt. Family SME over 4 generations, it perpetuates the ocher industry thanks to its career, located in Gargas, the last in activity in Europe. We market a hundred pigments as well as ready-to-use natural colored products (limewash, lime plasters, colored plasters), additives, fillers, binders but also a "my house and my natural beauty" section. "and a bookstore

The rest of our range is sourced through China, USA and locally in Australia.


Our powders have many different uses, such as applications for soap making, candle making, fine art powders, liquid metal art, cold casting, metal art embedding, resin flow art, river art tables, decorative craft and of course powders for cosmetics. 

The micron sizes range from >5um through to 300um which basically means very small microns, fine and dense powder, through to very glittery high microns, lots of sparkle.

All of our powders are certified and cosmetically safe to use however, the following powders should be taken into consideration when using on the skin.

Powders that contain metal and powders with high micron content eg. 200um may cause irritation when used on the skin such as mucous membrane areas (lips & eyes).  Please be aware of this, and avoid contact when necessary.


Our objective is to keep our prices low, quality of product high and our customers happy.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through our website contact page.  

Feedback is also welcome in any form as it helps us to improve as a business.

Our objective is to keep our prices low, quality of product high and our customers happy.

Thank you

Just Pigments Australia (JPA)