Just Pigments Australia offer a range of natural and synthetic pigment powders.  Our powders are sourced locally and internationally to provide our customers with the best range in colour and variety, and we are continually adding more products to our site.   Our powders can be used in many applications of creativity, such as resin art, fine art, soaps and candles, nail polish, cosmetics, pottery and clay work, furniture, interior designs and so much more.

Image by Tara Evans

What are Pigment Powders?

"Pigment powders are ground-up colors, such as natural ocres  and mica from the earth or synthetic/man-made pigment powders which are artifically manufactured to resemble the natural state pigment powders.  


Pigments are the actual colors themselves and have names such as ultramarine blue, cadmium red, yellow ochre,  Cobalt Blue and titanium white. There are also artificial pigments with names like Pigment Blue 15".

Pigment Powders are all the colours of the rainbow; the coloured paints, the eyeshadow, lipstick, nail polish and foundation you wear.  Coloured pigments can add the sparkle, shimmer, lustre into your creative arts, fine arts, glass blowing and sculptures.  Everything you look at from fabric to cosmetics has a pigment added to it, whether it be natural or synthetic, it's the colour added to the  black and and white world.  So it's time to embellish your life with colour and start creating your footprint.

Just Pigments Australia supply both natural  and synthetic pigment powders.  

Image by Robert Lederer

Our favorites

Natural Clay Pigments

Our beautiful, pure healing clays are sourced both locally and internationally. Clays contain rich nutrients and minerals and are ideal for beauty products for health and wellbeing.  

vert-turquoise (2).jpg

Ocres De France Range

A range of interior and exterior decoration products in respect of ecology and traditions.  Enjoy the fantastic range of colours to use in fine art, beauty and decoration

Naturally Simple

FB_Ivory_1024x1024 (1).jpg

Our beautiful blended Iron Oxide colours are great to use with our Foundation Base to give you a great head start on making your own powdered foundations.

Approved for all cosmetic use.

I love using these colours.  They are so easy to blend and look great as a foundation.

Mia, South Australia

Put a little Sparkle in your life

Take a look through our wonderful range of Mica, Pearl and Shimmer Powders.  Great for Face, Body, Nails, or to add to that beautiful artwork.


I ordered this colour to use on my resin project.  It is just so vibrant and sparkles in the light.  Makes my resin art come to life.  

Casey, Coffs Harbour